Cretin-Derham Hall High School – Oct 23rd

On October 23rd, we visited Cretin-Derham Hall High School and had a chance to talk with its President, Frank Miley, and other school faculties. We discussed the financial incomes and outcomes, the donation resources and athletes’ performance in school and out school. The thing that attracted me is that Mr. Miley said “We make people think alumnus donation as a part of the tradition. Once they leave school, we show our need and ask for help multiple times … and tell them their gifts, no matter the amounts, make our school different.” Previously, I thought if people want to donate their school, they would donate no matter the school asks for help or not; if they do not want to donate, what the school says cannot influence them at all. However, Mr. Miley showed the fact which is different than we I thought before. If the school continually encourage and convince alumnus to give gifts, most of them will do so.

The other interesting fact is that the alumnus who are professional athletes often want their gifts to be used as financial support for students, not for other projects, such as high school construction or operation. Mr. Miley said it may be caused by that those previous students were benefited by the financial support that was provided by donors a lot when they were at school. Thus, they want to pass this tradition and help students.

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