Sara Shives

Sara Shives (Grinnell College class of ‘97) is one of the premier event producers in the United States. She has done event producing for many different types of performances, athletic and otherwise. Her top gig has an international flair; she was instrumental in the working of the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. An event of that level has so many factors to consider, it must have been a true challenge, but based on my recollections the Sochi Games went extremely smoothly, and thanks are likely due to Shives.
Shives also has produced events in Minnesota, notably the 10-day Super Bowl Live show preceding Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis. This proves that an event producer has to be very versatile, to be able to cover a wide range of sports and venues. I’m Minnesota born and raised, so I am interested to hear about Shive’s other jobs, in particular, the Walker Art Center. I’m interested to hear how the jobs she does that are sports-based differ from those that are more focused on the arts. I think that Shive’s will depart some serious wisdom on organization and planning in sports, an area that a casual fan might not usually give a second thought.