Howard Sinker

Howard Sinker is the Digital Sports Editor for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and a fellow graduate of a liberal arts college, Macalester. During his time as digital head, the Star Tribune’s sports site has been named one of the top 10 in the country by the Associated Press Sports Editors in addition to winning several APSE multimedia awards, along with the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. In addition to his writing duties, he is a faculty member at his alma mater, teaching news reporting. He frequently guests on Minnesota Public Radio to discuss sports topics of the day, and according to his Twitter bio, is a Minnesota Twins and Lynx season ticket holder. 

True to his twitter handle (@afansview), Sinker’s writing offers a fans perspective of Minnesota sports, combining the romantic element of sports with an insider’s knowledge. A quick scan through his Twitter feed also reveals a dry sense of sports humor complimented by political wit, with Minnesota political figures often serving as the punchline to express whatever disappointment his beloved teams have given him. He also goes beyond the traditional big 4 men’s sports of football (both college and NFL), baseball, basketball, and hockey, to shed light on the WNBA. There is also an acknowledgement of the cross section of sports and society, most evident in his discussion of DIII athletics. Whether its a product of his status as a faculty member at one of these institutions or his genuine fandom of sport, Sinker demonstrates commitment to the ideals of sport and an understanding of its communal power.